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FiveM Among Us System [Updated][Standalone]
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FiveM Among Us System [Updated][Standalone]


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FiveM Among Us System


  • X – To host a game
  • E – To join a game
  • IMPOSTOR E – Kill
  • G – Report
  • X – Exit Game
  • ⇩ – Meeting
  • ⇧ – Use
  • ⇨ – Vent
  • ⇦ – Sabotage

Framework Integration – vRP / ESX / Others

UPDATE : v1.1.0

  • Add voted logo when meeting or dead body was reported
  • Fix proximity chat and Add a 3D chat vocal
  • Add red name color over head and on the tablet vote for imposter
  • Add camera task in game
  • Fix progress bar task
  • Add animation when vote is skipped or player ejected
  • Add sabotage with alarm and close all the door of human labs for all
  • Add more ambiance sound
  • Add animation when crewmate win the game and animation defeat also
  • Add animation when player is ejected
  • Add logo report, kill, vent, use and sabotage

UPDATE : v1.1.1

  • Add voted sound effect when players vote

UPDATE : v1.2.0

  • Add more vent
  • Add new position for Map Skeld
  • Add new position camera
  • Add a new config file
  • Add position task as amongus map skeld
  • Add position camera as amongus map skeld
  • Add position player meeting around the table as amongus map skeld

UPDATE : v2.2.2

  • Add screen eject
  • Add custom key :keyboard:
  • Add custom language :earth_africa:


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    Thank you for your coder its great feature for my server

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