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* Its a Crypto! – Yep, as described it’s a Crytocurrency for your city. * Begin – By heading over to clicklovers (Or anyplace you want to swap the NPC to, [Clicklovers – 4.99] — Once Inside, purchase a Crypto Account (Change price in the Config). You can only buy a single account, it won’t let you buy more. * By Default – The NPC also sells a USB which can be used at Lifeinvader to do some Mining. You will have to guess a password from some random ones. — You have like a 33.3333% chance of guessing correctly or the police will be alerted of your attempt after 30 seconds if the correct password is not inputted. — If you succeed in guessing correctly, you will then be able to begin Mining. Chance how long this takes via the Config. The player can come back at anypoint in time once the mining is finished to pick up their crypto. — If they mine too much (You change this in the config) the PC will Overheat and set fire to the Life Invader Office, thus rendering the PC unable to mine anymore crypto FOR THE ENTIRE SERVER until the server is restarted. * Alternative Ways – to gain crypto include another USB which upon use will direct you to any payphone to call a number it randomly generates for you. When done correctly, it will ask which account you want to deposit the Crypto in. — How your city aquires this item is up to you, for my city, it’s found in random house robberies and other illicit activities. * Serverwide Mission – The entire criminal side of your city can participate in missions (activated by going to Lesters PC) in which you’ll be tasked with performing some kind of illegal activity. In my server, this includes robbing the jewelry store, fleeca banks, pacific bank, and humane labs. — This is the robust part of the script, as it can be added to ANY SCRIPT THAT YOU HAVE. No need to create something new, simply follow along with the readme and you can add this to any existing bank robbery, heist, or whatever sort of activity you wish the server to partake in, it’s extremely easy to do. * Lastly – A shop to spend all of your wonderful Crypto at. This Shop rotates between different locations every server (Or script) restart. By default, the coords are at the Metro stations across Los Santos, but you can add any location you want straight into the config. — Add as many or as little items as you want. The stock of items is generated server side, so once the stock is gone, no more of that item can be purchased. This is a great way to introduce illegal items like those needed to rob banks etc to keep everyone from instantly being able to rob and keep your police from being overworked.

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Crypto Currency System V5
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Crypto Currency System V5


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