Armored Truck Heist System V2



* A unique way of starting the robbery – Rather than your boring old easy hacking which a lot of other robberies use, I’ve tried to do something different here with the whole phone / phone booths. –Upon using the item needed to access the laptop, the phone will ring and answering it will give you a phone number and a location to use it at. –Inputting the wrong number will instead cause the payphone to explode resulting in some violent deaths for you and anyone near you. –If you put in the correct number, you’ll get confirmation and told to wait awhile while the truck arrives. (You can change the amount of time it takes for the truck to arrive via the Config) * Many Locations – The script includes I believe 19? Different locations by default, but adding more is extremely easy, simply follow the format provided and you’ll have new ones up in no time! Any Payphone or phone is a potential location, so use your imagination and lead your criminals to unimaginable places! (Like the payphone outside MRPD ? ) * The actual truck – One thing I’ve noticed with the other robberies using the stockade is that often people just one-tap the guards from their car. Because I didn’t want my players doing this, I’ve changed the stockade into the Riot Van (Which has bulletproof windows) — From here, the robbery is essentially the same as most other armored truck heists, once all the guards are dead use your C4/Thermite/Whatever item you want to change it to at the back of the truck, blow up the doors, and then loot the goods. — By default, the times of both are set to about a minute to allow police time to respond, but can easily be changed via the client.lua * Police Notifications – Of course, it comes with notifications. The police get notified twice, once when the truck spawns and will get a huge radius style blip on their map indicating that the armored truck crew has spotted suspicious activity in the area, and the other when the bomb actually is planted onto the truck (Incase you get the crims who steal the truck and try and drive away and hide). The circle is off-center on purpose so the police have to actively search the location instead of just know where the crims might be right off the back. * The Loot – Give money AND/OR Items when the criminals successfully loot the truck. You can change via the config the amount of items as well as the rarity of said items as well, in my case we use the trucks to provide the city with class 2 weapons as it’s well worth the risk. and that’s pretty much it. It isn’t the most complicated script and there isn’t a whole lot of neat, unique ideas you can do with the truck but if you have some, I’ll gladly listen to them and possibly implement them (and give you the script for free).

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Armored Truck Heist System V2
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Armored Truck Heist System V2


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