Burger Shot Job V2
Burger Shot Job V2
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Burger Shot Job V2


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So, what comes in this resource?

  • The Job, Obviously. You’ll need the job of ‘burgershot’ to access any of the things inside.
  • Authentic burger shot burgers, straight from the menu. (moneyshot, bleeder, heartstopper) Each requiring a different amount of meat to craft (Depending on how many patties each burger has)
  • Boss menu via esx_society to keep track of your employees, hiring/firing, withdrawing funds, etc.
  • an NPC Manager to interact with to access said Boss Menu, who will despawn when no one is around and respawn only when someone is within distance, to help keep your ped count low.
  • Interactable frier/cooker/table to prepare your burgers/fries as well as a drink machine.
  • A Cash Register to make your charges on, including a NUI Menu for you to input the price you’re charging for the meal.
  • If you do not have the job of ‘burgershot’, interacting with the cash register will instead accept any charges that were put on, and do nothing if NO CHARGES have been listed.
  • An SQL for you to just copy/paste into your Database to set up the job (which has 3 ranks).
    Note: You will have to Manually add a few items, as well as a way to aquire them. (meat/buns). As well as make them in your database, and the following items as well (moneyshot,bleeder, heartstopper, cookedmeat, potatoe, fries)
  • A readme that’s easy to follow, which INCLUDES the setup you need to add to esx_basicneeds to make the burgers usable.

Burger Shot Job V2

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2 reviews for Burger Shot Job V2

  1. Israeellll

    Thanks for your scripts

  2. GlennWiply

    Very good performance

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