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Exploring the Best ESX Scripts for FiveM | FiveM Store

Exploring the Best ESX Scripts for FiveM

FiveM is a popular multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to enjoy a custom gaming experience on dedicated servers. One of the key features of FiveM is the ability to use scripts to enhance gameplay and add new functionalities to the game. ESX is a framework that provides a solid foundation for creating custom scripts for FiveM servers. In this article, we will explore some of the best ESX scripts for FiveM that can take your gaming experience to the next level.

1. ESX Illegal Drug Script

The ESX Illegal Drug Script is a popular choice for FiveM servers that want to add a realistic drug trade system to their gameplay. This script allows players to grow, harvest, and sell various illegal drugs, as well as set up drug processing operations. With features like drug dealer NPCs, drug effects, and drug durability, this script adds a new dimension to the criminal underworld in your FiveM server.

2. ESX Car Theft Script

The ESX Car Theft Script is a must-have for FiveM servers that want to create a realistic car theft experience for their players. This script allows players to steal cars, hotwire them, and sell them to chop shops for profit. With features like lockpicking minigames, police chases, and custom vehicle damage, this script adds excitement and challenge to the world of car theft in FiveM.

3. ESX Bank Robbery Script

The ESX Bank Robbery Script is perfect for FiveM servers that want to introduce heist missions and bank robberies to their gameplay. This script allows players to plan and execute elaborate bank heists, complete with security systems, vault cracking, and police response. With features like getaway vehicles, bagging loot, and team coordination, this script offers a thrilling and immersive bank robbery experience in FiveM.

4. ESX Job Center Script

The ESX Job Center Script is ideal for FiveM servers that want to add a variety of jobs and roleplaying opportunities for their players. This script allows players to access a job center where they can browse and apply for different jobs, such as delivery driver, taxi driver, mechanic, and more. With features like job progression, salary payments, and job-specific tasks, this script offers a dynamic and engaging employment system in FiveM.

5. ESX Real Estate Script

The ESX Real Estate Script is a great choice for FiveM servers that want to allow players to buy, sell, and rent properties in the game world. This script allows players to purchase houses, apartments, and businesses, customize them, and earn passive income from rent payments. With features like property listings, ownership verification, and property management, this script offers a realistic and rewarding real estate experience in FiveM.


ESX scripts are a fantastic way to enhance the gameplay and customization options available on FiveM servers. Whether you want to add illegal activities, car theft missions, bank robberies, job opportunities, or real estate investments to your server, there are plenty of ESX scripts to choose from. By incorporating the best ESX scripts into your FiveM server, you can create a unique and immersive gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.


Q: Can I install multiple ESX scripts on my FiveM server?

A: Yes, you can install multiple ESX scripts on your FiveM server to combine different features and functionalities for a more diverse gameplay experience.

Q: Are ESX scripts compatible with all FiveM servers?

A: ESX scripts are designed to work with most FiveM servers that support custom scripts and plugins. However, it’s important to check compatibility and version requirements before installing any ESX script.

Q: Where can I find and download ESX scripts for FiveM?

A: You can find a wide selection of ESX scripts for FiveM on various community forums, script repositories, and marketplace websites like FiveM Store.

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