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Breaking Down the Best FiveM Servers for New Players | FiveM Store

Breaking Down the Best FiveM Servers for New Players

FiveM is an immensely popular modification for Grand Theft Auto V, enabling players to join highly customizable, large-scale multiplayer servers. With its growing popularity, the number of servers has skyrocketed, making it daunting for new players to choose where to start their journey. This article aims to break down the best FiveM servers for new players, ensuring you kickstart your experience on the right foot.

What is FiveM?

Before diving into the server recommendations, let’s briefly touch on what FiveM is. FiveM is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to engage in multiplayer gameplay on customized servers, separate from Rockstar’s official network. It offers features such as custom cars, maps, weapons, and more, providing a unique and enriched gaming experience. For a detailed guide on getting started with FiveM, visit our comprehensive FiveM Store guide.

Top 5 FiveM Servers for New Players

Choosing the right server can significantly impact your enjoyment and gameplay experience in FiveM. Here are the top 5 servers that are welcoming to new players:

1. NoPixel

NoPixel is arguably the most famous FiveM server, known for its strict roleplay rules and high-quality content. It’s an excellent place for players who are serious about roleplaying and want to immerse themselves in a dynamic, interactive world. Keep in mind, however, that getting into NoPixel can be challenging due to its popularity and application process.

2. Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is another fantastic server for newcomers, offering a blend of casual and serious roleplay. It has a large, active community and a wide variety of jobs and activities, making it easy for new players to find their niche and start interacting with others.

3. Mafia City RP

Mafia City RP provides a unique experience focusing on organized crime and mafia-related roleplay. It’s perfect for players interested in a more structured criminal roleplay environment. The server offers a comprehensive tutorial for new players, ensuring you understand the basics before diving in.

4. BlueBirdRP

BlueBirdRP is based in Australia and caters to players from all over the world. It’s known for its friendly community and supportive staff, making it an ideal choice for new players. Whether you’re into serious roleplay or just looking for a fun, relaxed environment, BlueBirdRP has something for everyone.

5. The Family RP

The Family RP is one of the oldest and most respected roleplay servers in the FiveM community. It offers a deep, immersive roleplay experience with a focus on storytelling and character development. The community is welcoming to newcomers who are serious about roleplaying and willing to learn.


Starting your journey in FiveM can be overwhelming, but choosing the right server is a crucial first step. The servers listed above are known for their welcoming communities, diverse gameplay options, and supportive environments for new players. Whether you’re interested in serious roleplay, casual gameplay, or anything in between, there’s a server out there for you. Remember to visit the FiveM Store for all your FiveM needs, including mods, scripts, and resources to enhance your gaming experience.


How do I join a FiveM server?

To join a FiveM server, you first need to install the FiveM modification on your PC. Once installed, launch FiveM, and you’ll be able to browse and join servers directly from the game’s server list.

Are there any requirements to join these servers?

Requirements vary from server to server. Some may require you to apply and be approved before joining, especially those focused on serious roleplay. Others may be open for anyone to join. Always check a server’s rules and requirements before attempting to join.

Is FiveM legal?

Yes, FiveM is legal. It is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V that operates on separate servers from the official Rockstar Games servers. However, you must own a legitimate copy of GTA V to use FiveM.

Can I get banned from GTA Online for playing FiveM?

Playing FiveM does not affect your GTA Online account, as it operates on separate servers. However, it’s always a good idea to use a separate game directory for mods to avoid any potential issues.

Choosing the right FiveM server is crucial for a fulfilling gameplay experience, especially for new players. The servers highlighted in this article offer a variety of gameplay styles and communities, making them excellent starting points for anyone looking to dive into the world of FiveM. Remember, the key is to find a server that matches your interests and play style. Happy gaming!

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