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Features in the Battlepass;

Responsive design
Instant renewal in every transaction
The ui is not opened until the user information is processed. Thus, no bugs or system errors occur.
Colors that are easy to change and easy to change. The color palette has been adjusted so that it can be easily changed via the css file.
Background and Level upgrade tickets have a psd file each.

General features:

Battlepass can be used on Roleplay, PvP and Fun servers. The script supports this.
Level and XP system are available. As you level up, you can have battlepass items.
Membership system is available. These are divided into 2, normal and premium.
Task system is available. In this system, as you progress in the tasks, you can finish the tasks and earn XP.
Level up cards are available for those who do not want to do tasks.
Any purchase to be made for Battlepass can be provided with TEBEX or In-game money.
The system can also work with Tebex, purchases made through tebex can be made through a code in the game Jul.
Task progress is reset daily. In this way, people will not get

Tebex sales information:

For tebex sales, you must activate tebex sales via config and connect your server to your tebex store.
Products purchased through Tebex. It is reflected in the game for about 1 to 5 minutes. Dec. This is a situation that depends on tebex.
The code given after the purchase through Tebex cannot be used by anyone else after being used by the player.

System operation and content:

You can set the level and required xps very simply via config and create new levellers.
Battlepass items given for each level and membership can be set via config.

New update v1.0.1:

The command to give level and membership has been brought.
These commands can only be used by admins.
Premium reward list and regular reward list separated.
Premium accounts can now claim the normal list in a very simple way with a variable via Config.
Vehicles can now be awarded as rewards.
The battlepass will now be automatically reset after the day determined via Config.

Battlepass System V3

Battlepass System V3 [Standalone] | FiveM Store


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