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5 Best Tools to Check FiveM Server Status in 2024: Stay Updated and Keep Your Server Running Smoothly

Running a FiveM server requires constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure smooth performance. To help you stay updated on your server’s status, we have compiled a list of the 5 best tools that you can use in 2024. These tools will provide valuable insights into your server’s performance, allowing you to address any issues promptly and keep your server running smoothly.

1. is a comprehensive tool that allows you to check the status of your FiveM server in real-time. You can monitor the server’s uptime, player count, latency, and other critical metrics to ensure optimal performance. The intuitive dashboard provides a clear overview of your server’s status, making it easy to identify any potential issues.

2. ServerGuardian

ServerGuardian is a powerful monitoring tool that offers advanced features to keep your FiveM server in top condition. With ServerGuardian, you can receive notifications for downtime, performance issues, and other server-related events. The tool also includes detailed reports and analytics to help you track trends and optimize your server’s performance.

3. FiveM Status Bot

The FiveM Status Bot is a Discord bot that provides real-time updates on your FiveM server’s status. By connecting the bot to your server, you can receive alerts for downtime, player activity, and other important events directly in your Discord server. This tool is especially useful for server administrators who want to stay informed about their server’s performance.

4. FiveM Server Monitor

FiveM Server Monitor is a lightweight tool that allows you to monitor multiple FiveM servers simultaneously. With this tool, you can track server uptime, player count, and other key metrics in a single dashboard. The customizable alerts and notifications ensure that you are always aware of any issues affecting your server’s performance.

5. RCON Discord Bot

The RCON Discord Bot is a versatile tool that enables you to monitor and manage your FiveM server directly from Discord. With this bot, you can send commands, view server logs, and track server status without leaving the comfort of your Discord server. The seamless integration makes it easy to stay connected to your server at all times.

By using these tools to check your FiveM server’s status, you can stay updated on its performance and ensure that it runs smoothly in 2024 and beyond. Stay proactive in monitoring your server to address any issues promptly and provide the best experience for your players.

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