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5 things on FiveM that make a server better

5 things on FiveM that make a server better

Hey, dears!, Running a FiveM server can be quite hard – or even frustrating sometimes. For example, 90% of the servers failed because they did not focus on the main things they should focus on. So, we will show you how to run a successful FiveM server.

Community matters

Listen to your player base – but don’t mistake focusing only on some groups of people. It would help if you grew your server – not only certain factions like gangs or the police. Your server needs to have cool cars to buy, entertaining jobs, and good support staff. The players need to feel like your server is their “second home.”

Let people go and don’t run after them.

Don’t focus on people that could eventually go and leave the project. Do not trust every person that seems faithful – people will disappoint you, and you will notice this quite fast. Mark my words.

Know what you want to achieve FiveM Server

Want to build a community server – or a server for entertainment and twitch. Tv streamers? It is your choice but always focuses on your goal(s). And do everything for it.

Give it time: Rome wasn’t built in one day!

Good things take time. Even the best servers didn’t grow very fast – so make sure to focus on the main basic things and keep an eye on everything. Take yourself time to relax and don’t rush.

Know your goal

If you set measurable goals, it will be easier to control them. Know what you want to achieve and set deadlines for you and your team.

In conclusion: Keep working on your server and your mission. Know what you want to achieve, and you will – once you worked hard enough for it!

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FiveM Store: The #1 FiveM Mod Shop | FiveM Shop
FiveM Store: The #1 FiveM Mod Shop | FiveM Shop
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