Sell Drugs System V9 [Drug Dealer][QB]

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Sell Drugs System V9 [Drug Dealer][QB] $12.00 Original price was: $12.00.$7.00Current price is: $7.00.

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100% Open Source Our DrugDealer script allows you to sell directly to NPC’s to start simply open your F1 menu navigate to Drug Dealing under the citizen tab and toggle your dealing status on or use the commands if you don’t want to use the menu then simply approach an NPC and using your third eye you can attempt a deal but be careful not everyone wants to buy and some may even call you into authorities! Also as you gain reputation by selling so the more you sell the higher rank you earn and the chances of you getting reported go down and your profits go up! Server owners don’t worry we’ve kept you in mind as well if you want to keep your drug activities contained you can turn on Selling Zones and only allow selling in areas of your choice! In fact, we’ve made zones completely customizable you can pick what drugs can be sold where, the chance of being reported per zone, pretty much everything! FEATURES : Ability to use commands or F1 menu Ability to Blacklist NPC Models (Cops, EMS, ETC) Selling Reputation System Selling Zones Animations Customizable Zones Rank system Based on Reputation NPC Selling NPC Call in Reporting


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