Root Lobbysystem V2 [Standalone]

Original price was: $22.00.Current price is: $17.00.

Root Lobbysystem V2 [Standalone] | FiveM Store
Root Lobbysystem V2 [Standalone] $22.00 Original price was: $22.00.$17.00Current price is: $17.00.

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100% Open Source Features: The design was made with bootstrap. You can duplicate lobbies via config. You can toggle npc spawn in any lobby you want. You can customize notifications or disable notifications completely. You can disable weapons on first spawn to server. When the player joins the server you can start the player in the bucket you want. You can change and use the locale parts in the config file according to your language. You can edit and change the names, descriptions, tags, pictures, npc spawning, and vehicle and object spawning (entityLockdown) of the lobbies according to your wishes. You can change the colors of the lobby labels as you wish via the config. You can track which lobbies the players have entered through the live console or discord log. You can view which lobby you are in with the /checklobby command. You can open the lobby menu in two different ways as a key or a command. You can remove weapons from inventory when switching between lobbies. And many more features. Dependency: ox_lib (I used ox_lib for notifications but if you want to use your own notification system you don’t need to install it.)


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