Weapon License System V1
Weapon License System V1
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Weapon License System V1



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Weapon Theory Exam System

Information: – Easy to setup – Easy to setup the test, all questions and answers in one file. – Included 10 Questions in Polish and English with answers. – Tablet animation when doing the test. – Possibility to purchase a license after passing the exam, or you can use the (Extension) given below. – Possibility to set an examiner NPC. – Fully optimized. – More in preview… Extensions (This is not included): – Shooting Range System V3 [Aim Test] https://fivem-store.com/product/shooting-range-system-v3-aim-test/ / It will add the necessity to pass the practical test before obtaining a license. Video For Both : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hk0OPL4UsCSkt0VJRFjBPLm1Amn-2kqR/view?usp=sharing

Weapon License System V1

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