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Base :
VRP/VRPEX Framework

MS : 0.5/1.0
DLC : 2372 -Los Santos Tuners

✨ More than 23 Houses with Exclusive Interiors with a heliport.
✨ System that forces you to have fun and not just work, Added to the STRESS system
✨ Hierarchical System divided into Police and Medical Departments
✨: 4 police station maps, being able to choose which one you like best.
✨ Advanced Service Systems for Doctors and Police.
✨ Modified Police Route System, with 7 Different Hazards!
✨ Evolution Exclusive Assaults: You can set up your own heists through the panel
✨ X-Ray System For the Medical team along with Report systems and medical prescription.
✨ Diagnostic System, Plaster System, Maccas and Splints.
✨ Arm Wrestling configured in Mc’s Table Props (add)
✨ Tennis, Arcades, Casinos, Basketball, Football, Baseball, many other active games
✨ Miscellaneous Jobs, such as: Airplane pilots, rounds of prostitutes, Patrollador, potato picker, tomato picker, goat milker, snake hunter, animal hunter, Pizza Delivery, Realtor, Garbage Man, Taxi Driver , Fireman, Trucker, Milkman, Grape Harvester, Chicken Coop, Plumber, Soybean Harvest, Miner, Letter Delivery, Exclusive Miner.. Among others.
✨ Company Purchase System, Being able to Add STOCK, Make Missions and Manage your Commerce. ( VIP system for citizens ) ADDON
✨ This system can be used not only in Individual Companies, but also in places of commerce such as Cafeterias and Bars, the items consumed in these places are part of the entrepreneur’s stock.
✨ All Locations close their doors at a certain time, and they can be broken into with the LockPick item.
✨ Items are damaged, items suffer damage, as well as consumption validity. Wet, Tear Backpack, all damage items.
✨ All Illegal Organizations contain their LEGAL Work to Camouflage the ILLEGAL.
✨ Marijuana is Free, so any Marijuana prop, you end up FARING weed.
✨ Cayo Perico, as big as it is, hides several ways to profit even though it’s not a gang member
System with Administrative Panel to control positions. ( 3 Administrative Panels )
Police System with Exclusive and Immersive Tablet for all functions, as well as Automatic SUM and DECREASE.
✨ ILLEGAL Hierarchy Panel, the leader has access to the recruitment of its members as well as expulsion.
✨ Real Estate System, being able to increase bau, buy furniture, with Integrated VIP systems. ADDON

[ Purples, Greens, RedWoods, Farmers, The Nerds, Yellows, Callisto, Cartell, Anonnymous, Commic, Church, Arcade, CyberBar, 10 Nightclubs, Perico Gang, Pelados, McNorte e Sul, Callifa Mechanic, Vineyard , Azilo, Hackers Space, Supremacy, Cuscusclan, Freemasons … some of the Illegal organizations ]

✨ Amusement Park with several attractions, Roller Coaster, Ferris Wheel, Shock Cart, Darts, Lots of things..
✨ New Internment System, now, if diagnosed (PR) for dementia, you can send it to a different place of punishment, the Asylum
✨ Relationship System, now, there can be 3 relationship phases. (Single, Dating and Married)
✨ Banco Nubank, With PIX System and Directly Linked to Our Telephone System System

✨ Drinking System (Empty bottle can be reused)
✨ The Police and Doctors Tablets, give the location as well as information of colleagues online
✨ The Work in the MINES , now there are 4 Mines scattered around.
✨ We added an exclusive square of ours, you can add your logos.
✨ A bridge that connects the City to Cayo Perico is in Porto.
✨ Clicking F10 inside the car, you enable the Neon Exclusive System.
✨ Animation System in F9 For Various Profession Animations
✨ Mechanics have goals so they don’t stand still
✨ Numerous locations for illegal races have been added
✨ Exclusive Gym Map Ready for Future Updates, as well as the beach gym
✨ Academy with Swimming and Basketball Court (Can be played)
✨ A PaintBall Event follows the base, using the CS.Dust2 Map
✨ Added a Crash Cart map in the harbor for fun
✨ Interactive Character Creation
✨ Police Department with: 5 Cars, 1 Motorcycle and 1 Own Helicopters
✨ Police Department in Its Own Uniform
✨ Immersive Search, Steal, and Loot System
✨ Several exclusive interiors for Organization Creation
✨ Interiors dos Pelados contains tactical escape in its dismantling
✨ Consuming alcohol and cigarettes, you end up increasing your stress
✨ OPEN Exclusive Illegal Jobs such as Hacking and Robbery
✨ NPC’s can be robbed in the streets, but be careful not to rob an armed person.
✨ Cars can be stolen from NPC, if you point the gun at him, and get his key.

🆒 Faction and Mafia Progress System.
The factions and mafias have their own exclusive locations, where, with the money added to the BAUS, the format of the location changes, reaching up to 4 states, all of them visibly different. Big Organization, there’s Big Thing!

✨ Favela’s exclusive progress tablet, being able to increase your props as you have cash in hand.

✨ Criminal Organization in Cayo Perico
✨ Armed Car Assault
✨ Assault on Convenience
✨ Old Iron Assault
✨ The Dismantling is done by PELADOS AND MCNORTE. Immersive Disassembly.
✨ Exclusive Central Bank Assault
✨ Assaults on the Interactive Cashiers
✨ Assault (Museum of Paintings)
✨ Driving School and Weapons Carrying System
✨ Bank Credit Card System .
✨ Does not contain visible BLIP in game. (More immersion in reality)
✨ NUI of Interactive and Exclusive Stores
✨ Apple Store Configured along with iPhone XI Cell Phone model
✨ Added TOBACCO SHOP, giving Cigarette User STRESS
✨ DJ’s Props Configured to Play Music ( JBL )
✨ System with ControlScript Enabled and Configured.
✨ Card Machine System
✨ Functional Games Casino (Profitability for Casino Organization)
✨ Arcade with Functional Games
✨ /me Interactive and Exclusive
✨ PlasmaGame for fun for up to 20 people
✨ New CyberBar system with Underground Nightclub and Functional Games
✨ Nightclub of the Churches, the LEGAL mixed with the ILLEGAL
✨ CAMABROS locations, bringing a differential in RolePlay

Some of the systems we developed especially for you!

🐦 Mini Golf Patoche Located in Porto
🐦 New Exclusive DP
🐦 Love System, now you can get married
🐦 Pool Map Patch with Porch Pool Table (Additional Pool System Included)
🐦 Sushiman job for Pearls in the Portico
🐦 Stress System, having fun is key!
🐦 Evolution Exclusive Notify
🐦 Realism in EVERYTHING, Synced with Ajnajobs Systems
🐦 Props of ALL existing Items
🐦 Exclusive YatchClub, for Spawn Yachts, with a lot of attractive interiors
🐦 Evolution Exclusive Hud
🐦 Evolution Graphics System
🐦 3 EXCLUSIVE FAVELS (if you want to use them)
🐦 Mobile Evolution Software
🐦 AntCheat Evolution Software
🐦 New Business System (for VIPs)
🐦 Car Pack
🐦 Clothing Pack
🐦 Evolution Software Exclusive Character Creation
🐦 Evolution Software Exclusive Barbershop
🐦 Arcade set up with numerous games
🐦 ServerSync Evolution Software ( Realism )
🐦 Completely Remodeled Square
🐦 Drag Inventory
🐦 EvoKart
🐦 New PETS System
🐦Religious system, being able to farm items and create illegal goals. (Bibles)
🐦 Church Nightclub! Who said they are saints!?
🐦 Exclusive Gym (Used to Reduce Stress)
🐦 Character Creation, Barbershop and Tattoos, Exclusive to Evolution

VRP Roleplay Server V1


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