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VehicleTransport System


VehicleTransport System
VehicleTransport System 9.17 4.58

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VehicleTransport System

Update (v1.5)

  • fixed server side performance (C# overhead too stronk; 1.3ms down to 0.00ms now)
  • added ramp for the slamtruck (if you use the Cayo Perico build) for those vehicles that were too low

Update (v1.4)

  • Added 3 new vehicles as Transports: avenger, avenger2, slamtruck
  • Added the source code to the resource. You are free to modify it for your own version. You are not allowed to re-release it anywhere without getting permission from me.
  • Made the source code a lot more readable
  • Potentially fixed a bug that occurred only on OneSync Infinity (ramp did not despawn properly)

Update (v1.3)

  • Workaround for not being able to enter a vehicle on the transports (especially for the cargoplane). If the player tries to enter a vehicle, but can’t (e.g. really broad vehicles on the flatbed), the script tries to teleport you into it instead. Let me know if you find any side effects, as I haven’t found any so far!

Update (v1.2)

  • Added an option to enable / disable the scripts functionality. (see ReadMe or below for how to and an esx example)
  • Fixed a bug that would just make the ramp invisible and not despawn it on non-onesync servers.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not use onesync: change onesync to false in the config.ini!
  • If you still encounter the issue with the invisible ramp (even on onesync), change onesync to false in the config! This might have something to do with older server versions.

Update (v1.1)

  • Fixed a bug that would lock the chat when trying to create a new transport
  • Added a readMe file, so people that do not come from the forum can read
    everything they need to know.

Features (v1.0)

  • By default 15+ vehicles (flatbed, trflat, benson, mule, mule2, mule3, mule4, pounder, pounder2, skylift, titan, cargoplane, wastelander, armytrailer, boattrailer, freighttrailer) are defined as transport vehicles.
  • No commands needed for playing! Everything can be done ingame!
  • Go to the back of a transport and press the button to deploy a ramp (if the transport has one defined).
  • Drive onto the transport and press a button to attach / detach the vehicle.
  • Fully Multiplayer compatible. It does not matter who deployed the ramp or who attached a vehicle. Anyone can interact with anything!
  • You can drive onto a moving truck and attach your vehicle. Or detach from a moving truck.
  • Set the maximum speed a transport vehicle can move at, if the ramp is still deployed (see config.ini)
  • Enter DebugMode, so you can define your own transport vehicles (e.g. if you use mod vehicles) by using a series of commands (see tutorial below).
  • Default language for the help texts and notifications is english, but this can be changed in the config.ini.
  • Script can be restarted at any given time!
  • Compatible with basically everything? Let me know if you find any issues!

How can I attach a vehicle to another one?

  • Get to any sort of transport vehicle.
  • If it has a ramp, go to the back of it and press the respective button (shown in a help text).
  • Get into your vehicle and drive onto the transport.
  • Come to a halt and press the respective button (shown in a help text).
  • A notification shows, if the vehicle was successfully attached.
  • To detach the vehicle, get into it again and press the same button.
  • You can then drive off of the transport again.


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