Vehicle Interior System V1
Vehicle Interior System V1 [Standalone]
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Vehicle Interior System V1 [Standalone]



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Vehicle Interior System V1 [Standalone]


🔧Add Vehicle Interior for Any vehicles that you want ⛏️ Use Custom Interiors. 🔨Use a Single interior for Multiple Vehicles 📐Standalone. No need for any framework or other scripts. 📝By using New Routing Bucket System. If Players are not in the same vehicle but in the same interior (by using a single interior for multiple vehicles) They will not see each other at all 📝Easy to Integrate in Other Scripts. For Example add Clothing Store in the Interior. Or a Shop. 📝Onesync Infinity Compatible. 📐Completely Standalone. ⛏️ Players Can see Each other if They are in the Same vehicle’s interior. 🔧 Optimized as Possible. ⛏️Every part of the script is editable. There is no IP Lock or any form of Obfuscation. Police Mobile Command: Police Mobile Command is a Truck that will get deployed on a Serious situation. Police Officers can enter the Interior of the Mobile command. They can access Armory/Outfit room/Cad In That Interior. To Do This You can Easily add the Coordinates of the Interior in your Policejob Script. Car House: You Can Easily add a Car house Style vehicle in your server. Add a outfit room and a stash for it!


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