Trucking Job V2


Trucking Job V2
Trucking Job V2 36.78 21.15

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Trucking Job V2

How it works – First, players have to clock in at a certain location (there is an option in the config file that makes it so that players have to have a certain job in order to clock in, or the job can be ignored and any player can clock in despite their job) – Second, players have the option of renting a truck. Renting a truck will charge them a security deposit (this is optional and can be toggled off in the config file!). Once they return the truck, they will get their full deposit back if the truck is not damaged. – Third, players will select a trailer of their choosing and proceed to do a standard issued pre-trip before setting off with their trailer. – Fourth, players will be guided by the GPS to different locations throughout the map. Once a player arrives at a drop-off location, they have to back their trailer into the highlighted area. In doing so, they will be able to proceed with their route / turn-in their trailer. (Note that there are different trailers that require different things to be done, this is visually elaborated on the video showcase) Features – Animations and props used to create a unique and immersive experience – 10+ Trailer Configurations (You have the ability to add more if you’d like!) – 70+ Pick-up / Drop-off Locations (You have the ability to add more if you’d like!) – XP Leveling up system (With every route you complete, you will gain more experience. The more experience you have, the more access to unique trailers you have, and the more you get paid!) – Dynamic payment system! (Driver’s will be paid by the mile – this rate can be changed in the config file) – Rentable trucks! Players will be able to rent a truck directly from the truck depot in case they don’t have one. – Compatible with any framework! By default, the script is set up for ESX. But there are client and server-sided files that allow you to make the script work for any framework! – Compatibile with NativeUI. By default, the script uses the ESX UI. But you can opt-out of this and use NativeUI instead! – Translation is available in the config file, making it easy for translating the script into another language! – Optimized – This script was created with having a low resource usage in mind, ensuring that the script will not bog down players’ performance. – Configurable notifications/progress bar in case mythic isn’t your style/preference! Requirements / Compatibility – mythic_notify [Configurable; You can easily swap it out for your own in the configuration file!] – mythic_progbar [Configurable; You can easily swap it out for your own in the configuration file!] – mysql-async [Required] – NativeUI is supported by default although it is NOT required – OneSync Infinity, as well as legacy, is compatible – ESX 1.2, 1.1, and legacy is compatible by default – You can use any framework with the script as long as YOU make the necessary changes both client/server-side (there will be client/sever side files that are not encrypted which will allow you to make the necessary framework changes, however, you will only receive support for the pre-configured frameworks.)


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