Tattoos Shop + Degrade Hair System [Standalone]


Tattoos Shop + Degrade Hair System [Standalone]
Tattoos Shop + Degrade Hair System [Standalone] $30.00 $20.00

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Tattoos Shop + Degrade Hair System [Standalone]

Characteristics You will receive 2 versions of this script: ESX and Standalone. Easy to translate and configure Graphic interface. Press E on the blip to open the store. Use the arrows on your keyboard, Up, Down, Left, Right to move the menu. Use the ENTER key to confirm the purchase of the tattoo. Use the DELETE key to remove a tattoo. Free camera giving the player to view the tattoo the way they want. The player’s clothes are automatically removed when they enter the menu, and when they leave, they are replaced again. Shows the value of the tattoo in that category. Shows how many tattoos you have in that category. When you are seeing the tattoos, if you already have that tattoo, you are informed in the menu. To close the store and confirm your purchase, simply exit the blip or press ESC.


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