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Surveillance System [Camera][Hack Camera][Rob Camera]
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Surveillance System [Camera][Hack Camera][Rob Camera]


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Surveillance System

  • Unique Camera System: This resource comes by itself with 34 cameras placed into all the shops, jewellery stores, and banks with the possibility to hack them and disable their live feed.
  • Camera Quality Feedback: We provide 6 different camera types with this resource, you may put a different camera quality type to every single camera.
  • Footage Recorder: When inside a camera the resource will automatically record footage and store it as a GTA V clip for you to use later for your roleplay server. This is fully turnable into on/off through the config.
  • Camera Hacking: We provide you from the get go with 3 different ways to hack the cameras. Computer hacking, thermite hacking and MHacking with a phone. Each type can be placed anywhere and you can mass disable a camera system with multiple cameras going on/off.
  • Job System Checker: Do you want to use this into a server with jobs? Feel free to do it, we have done this already for you to use.
  • Fully Customizable Config: Just from the config alone you can change anything without the need of any advanced coding skills.Optimization:Surveillance System is a fairly decent optimized script. We will be optimizing it even more once we fully finish all the code we want to implement. Many updates to come.
    • Camera System0.03-0.04 ms.
    • Garbage Collector: 0.00ms


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9 reviews for Surveillance System [Camera][Hack Camera][Rob Camera]

  1. Avatar for Mike


    hmmm good work for esx

  2. Avatar for Blair


    I would recommended this script for robbery and etc

  3. Avatar for Lupe


    Great work

  4. Avatar for Lila


    Thank you it is works

  5. Avatar for Zachary Freeman

    Zachary Freeman

    Thx work on my server

  6. Avatar for Nilda


    Good system

  7. Avatar for Elmer


    its not error, thanks

  8. Avatar for Kurtis


    thank you for this system

  9. Avatar for GlennWiply


    I got it on email thanks

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