Street Park Meter System
Street Park Meter System
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Street Park Meter System



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Street Park Meter System


With this ESX-compatible resource, you will be able to offer your players to park their vehicles at city mileage. The vehicles are persistent and do not despawn (real-time vehicle backup system in the database). So if you restart the server or if the player crashes, the vehicle will remain parked at its location. It comes with this resource, a mapping containing more than 1500 parkmeters spread all over the map to allow your players to park regardless of their position. It has been tested and improved for more than a year and consumes very few resources and does not bug. We tested it with more than 300 parked vehicles and it didn’t bug, so you can really use it on your servers without any performance loss. The script uses 0.04ms to 0.08ms depending on the number of vehicles in the area (a 200m radius sphere around your character).


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