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Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]
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Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]


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Sell Drug System V5

Totally optimized script, Easy to set up, Open code (1000 lines of code), 2 types of Selling Drugs – wholesale and singly, The job is based on the interaction with NPC, No IP-Lock, CONFIG: VehiclePrice – Cost of taking vehicle from Dealer, CustomersFindPrice – Cost of finding Customers from a Dealer, WholesaleVehicle – Vehicle we are selling to wholesale, MinWholesaleCount – Minimum amount of drugs to start wholesale, RequiredCops – Required number of cops to start an Order from Dealer, CopsRefreshTime – Time in which the number of cops is refreshed, ScenarioSellChance – Possible to set percentages for a given scenario, Drugs – Possible to set the name of the drugs, as well as wholesale and single price, Locations – Possible to add/edit Locations, Texts – Possible to add/edit random Text, Peds – Possible to customize the NPC


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3 reviews for Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]

  1. Avatar of Floppy


    Big and hard drug system, i test it on esx, thanks

  2. Avatar of Brian Shields

    Brian Shields (verified owner)

    Its working for me

  3. Avatar of Brian Shields

    Brian Shields (verified owner)

    Its working for me, recommended

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