Second Hand Vehicle System
Second Hand Vehicle System
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Second Hand Vehicle System



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Features :

  • everything is synced between all the player
  • vehicles are server-sided, so, everybody will see the same thing
  • host selection for vehicles are handled by server (no unnecessary stress for clients)
  • you can change localization or even add new language (ESX)
  • players can drive their new car as soon as they buy them (no extra annoying steps)
  • all the vehicle upgrades will be transferred to new owner
  • seller will receive their money even if (s)he is not online
  • selling & buying process is completely server-sided, no cheat engine and other exploits!
  • unlimited parking spot (you can config as much as you want, no limit!)
  • minimum and maximum price for vehicles can be changed in config
  • sellers can cancel their sale
  • you can enable cancel cut , so if somebody want to cancel their sale, they have to pay % [Configurable]
  • a lot of fail-safe have been added to prevent as much bug as possible
  • i tried to comment as much as i can in every place in script and config
    so you can easily understand and edit it as you like

Second Hand Vehicle System

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