Salvage Job System V3 [Diving Job][Bt-Target]
Salvage Job System V3 [Diving Job][Bt-Target]
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Salvage Job System V3 [Diving Job][Bt-Target]



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* TWO Great coasts to salvage – That’s right, Not one.. but TWO! Locations to start the job. Now, why is this worthy of being called a feature? That, my good man is a good question. On the West Coast, you’ll have an NPC take you to where you need to dive, while on the East Coast it is 100% your job to get to the location (Boat Provided). It’s sort of an amateur/pro type deal. * TEN UNIQUE Locations – Each location provided via the script is either an underwater plane crash, or a shipwreck. * Underwater Salvage – In each location, there are multiple spots for you to collect salvage. Your players will have to manually search along the wreckage for weak spots that they can then take scrap from, or any item you want them to have. * Salvage Recovery – In each location, a crate is hidden around the area (Hidden, but quite easy to find) that you can interact with, and FLOAT back to the surface to be looted. Once interacting, the crate will be retrofitted with a state of the art 1963 underwater parachute, which will float the crate back up to the surface, and maybe to the moon! * Scuba Gear – The script provides your standard oxygen_mask, all you have to do is add it to a shop and your database and you’re all set!

Salvage Job System V3

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