Roller Skating System [Standalone]
Roller Skating System [Standalone]
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Roller Skating System [Standalone]



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What do you have in this package ?
– 3D Roller shoes for Female and Male with differents textures (I made Two 3D Models to fit correctly for Female and Male) – Free Script that work with my 3D model – A read me file
What does the script do ?
Just simply ride on your favorite place and show off in front of your friends ! – Use the command /roller to put your Roller on your feet. – Use the command /leave to remove the Roller shoes. – Your shoes will be saved and put back when you take off the Roller – Choose the color of your Roller for Female and Male in the config.lua – Different/custom animations for Female and Male when you ride with the Roller – You can’t fall by a random collision We don’t do the Roller as an item because we want to make the script standalone. Our shoes are not PROPS, they are cloths.
Installation : – Just simply drag and drop in your resource folder and start it !
Requirements : – Standalone, so you don’t need anything.

Roller Skating System

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