Real Life Parking System V1
Real Life Parking System V1
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Real Life Parking System V1



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Real Life Parking System V1


This parking system will give your server an incredible touch of reality. Users will be able to see parked vehicles (No more despawn or vehicles that come out of nowhere). You wonder, but is this going to blow up my server? Actually NO, the script is completely optimized and makes use of PolyZones to generate the parking areas, you can also configure the rendering distance of these vehicles, that is, you will only see them if you are at a certain distance (you choose) from the parking area. The script allows you to have free or toll parking areas. This script includes a couple of free extra scripts like vehicle lock and traditional parking that are 100% compatible with this script. This script works with LegacyFuel! This script is very easy to install, you just have to make a couple of updates to your database to save the data generated by the script and that’s it! If you have doubts with the installation you can contact me and I will gladly help you Tired of users not respecting your parking areas? Tired of being able to easily retrieve the vehicle at any point? Now it also includes the IMPOUND system !!!


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