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Qbus Hunting System V1
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The script itself is very easy to understand, as all the code is written so that even a beginner would understand every function. It’s as always a highly configurable resource.

What makes this special?
The story behind this resource began when I first tried out QB-Core myself. I had never used the framework, but I liked it. So when trying to figure out what resources I needed, I could never find a decent Hunting resource. So I made my own instead, with some inspiration from different servers I have played on before. Every spawned character could be used with QB-Target which is already set up for you. The spawn positions are fully automated within a radius. So no more tables with coordinates to spawn at.

This resource uses 0.00-0.01ms both while hunting and when not. It’s a highly optimized resource and will not take any performance from the users.

What can you do?
As I wanted this resource to be as simple as possible, but still have those features people want when they play, this resource has everything the players wants. In this resource, you can interact with all NPC’s and animals which have been spawned by the script. You can go to the shop to buy a musket, shotgun shells, bait and a machete. You can also start a hunting session, which spawns 4 animals that you have to kill. When the animals are dead, the script will automatically spawn 4 more. All the animals are synced on the server so no more “invincible animals” which have been a thing for a long time in FiveM. When an animal is dead, you can use your eye target to skin it. You will receive different items every time.

If you like the darker RP and illegal attributes to the script, here it is. Instead of making the basic “bait the animals”, I remade the idea to work as an illegal activity. When baiting in an animal, it will be an illegal animal, a pet. Right now, multiple dogs can be spawned. All of them can be configured randomly in the config.lua file to drop different items. You can now configure them to drop items that could be used in illegal activities or you could make them drop a very expensive item. It’s up to you what you would like for your server!

There is also selling points which you can configure. I have added 2 selling points (called restaurants). One is for selling legal items and the other one is for selling illegal items.

The Normal Hunting
– Start the hunting session, which requires that you have a musket.
– The musket can be bought from the shop/NPC with a blip inside the hunting area.
– When started, the script will automatically spawn 4 “legal” animals which could be configured inside the config.lua file.
– When all of the 4 animals have been killed, it will automatically spawn 4 more “legal” animals. This will loop until you stop the hunting session by bringing the weapons back.
– To skin an animal that has been killed, you need to use your eye-target (QB-Target activation button) on the animal’s body.
– You will receive different items every time, as all carcass, skin and rare items are random.

The Bait Hunting
– You start by using the hunting bait item in your inventory, inside of the hunting area.
– An “illegal” animal will appear inside a radius of 300.
– This animal will come closer to the original bait position.
– To skin and receive items, you have to do the same thing as the normal hunting mode.
– You will receive different items as the normal hunting mode.
– There will only be 1 animal that spawns, unlike the normal hunting mode.
– When that animal is dead and you have skinned it, you will receive a cooldown until you can bait more “illegal” animals.
– It will not spawn more animals unless you bait once more.

A list of things animals drop:
– Carcass (4 different types, 1-3 stars & perfect carcass).
– Different pelts/skins.
– Some animals might have a rare item as a tooth or antlers.
– More than you can configure.

Qbus Hunting System V1


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