Qbus Garage Valet System V1


Qbus Garage Valet System V1
Qbus Garage Valet System V1 27.59 16.55

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Qbus Garage Valet System V1

– A system inspired from GTA Online, where you can get your vehicles from anywhere. – The vehicle actually spawns at the garage, and drives all the way to your location for extreme realism. – Has VALET Speed Controls, and VALET can be cancelled, using /valetmenu – Cooldowns for preventing Spam, can be triggered externally if required in robberies. – Nicely Optimized to prevent unwanted LAG. – Adjusted to work with existing Garages and Phone, with minor UI Changes. Leveling System – The Config allows you to create LEVELS for the Players who use the VALET System. – The More you use it, you attain levels and every LEVEL has custom pricing. – There is also an option to add BONUS DISCOUNTS to the levels, so that people with greater levels get the service for even cheaper. (completely optional) Script designed only for QB Based servers using latest versions of the following resources: 1. QB-Phone 2. QB-Garages


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