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Qbus Burgershot Job V2


Qbus Burgershot Job V2
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Support for different MLO’s
Smallo’s Free MLO
GN Mod’s BurgerShot MLO
A total of 18 qb-target job related interactable locations
A total of 42 qb-target chair locations
All menus are built in qb-menu
All trays on the counters are stashes so you can use them to pass food
26 new items
4 New Drinks
11 New Foods
Payment system built in
Successful payments go straight to BurgerShot’s society account accessable through the bossmenu
Clock-in System so that if people go too far from the shops, they are automatically clocked out
This stops abuse of clocking in, and getting pay tickets while not in the area
Every successful payment gives everyone with the job, and who is on duty, a receipt that can be cashed in at the pacific bank only by employee’s
Food can’t be accessed and payments can’t be made by employee if not clocked in

Preview Videos:

Usable Chairs
Food Stores + Food Preparation + Shelving
Clock-in systems
Employee pay rewards
Payment Systems
Wash your hands!

Update v1.9:

Optimzation update
Script now uses polyzones and better loops to lower idle times
Runs at 0.00ms idle

Update v1.8:

Rewrote the crafting system completely
Now has recipes that are kept in the config file
This change means the crafting of slicedonions and silcedpotatos has changed
You can now set the number in the recipe how many many you can make at once.

Update v1.7:

Payment systems removed/changed in favour
Add this script to your server and payment systems will work as normal with extra features
This change removes events from client.lua and server.lua
Added item checkmarks to qb-menu’s to show if you have the required items or not
This adds changes to config.lua and client.lua
Changed seat variable name in chairs.lua to reduce conflicts with my other scripts

Update v1.6:

Fixed heartstopper recipe not requiring slciedonions
Added Custom prop emotes
Fixed Clockin board prop not loading
This was due to it not being loaded in memory properly, delaying its load and requesting the model fixed this (hopefully)
Updated layout of Menu’s
Using names of items in shared rather than manually typed
New Milk Icon from the ingame Prop

Update v1.5:

Tidied Smallo’s MLO up
Removed Rubbish and props on the ground
Removed Graffiti and boxes from toilets
Removed rubbish from side hallway
Added ATM outside
Added Trays to counter tops for passing items to customers
GN BurgerShot MLO config changes
Tidied up a few qb-target job locations slightly for QoL
Changed clockin location from lockers to a new clockin board outside changing rooms
Added trays to counter for passing items to customer
Added ATM outside
If you don’t want to override the config file, just remove the chair config info from it and use the chairs.lua instead.
Added teleport fixes for standing up on tables
Backspace now stands you up and teleports you if needed
Chopping Onions or Potatos will consume every of the item held and extend the progressbar
Two New Food items:
Chicken Wrap
Goat Cheese Wrap
These are available at the chopping board
New Nuggets icon
New Onion Rings icon

UPDATE v1.4:

Updated payment system to use QB-Input and QB-Phone
NUI system is no longer used
To keep use of the receipt check the installation on how to receive them in the new system
Small QoL Fixes


Remove left over and bad code, this update is required


Support for GN Mod’s BurgerShot MLO
All 61 Seats are useable
All Job locations are usable
There isn’t a clock-in machine prop so it’s located in at the changing rooms lockers
Back Door is a Store Room (shop)


Full Re-Write of the seating code, had to place every single chair location again as people were teleporting above the tables

Qbus Burgershot Job V2


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