Prison Job System [Bt-Target][Jail Break][NoPixel Inspired]


Prison Job System [Bt-Target][Jail Break][NoPixel Inspired]
Prison Job System [Bt-Target][Jail Break][NoPixel Inspired] 20.23 15.63

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Prison Job System Prison Job System Prison Job System

Ahoy! Prison + Is an addition to normal prison life to try and bring more fun and interaction on those lonely days of being locked up alone/with only a handful of others.
The script includes two sets of NPC/Peds that will dish out tasks for you to complete, giving different rewards based on whatever you desire.
The Prisoner Ped gives out more illegal related tasks, currently included are;
Rough up a prisoner – He’ll tell you to beat up, not kill, a prisoner in order to teach him a lesson.
Shank the k9 guard – Pretty much just take out the K9 guard and his dog. He’s very aggressive and will run and attack you -almost- instantly.
Make him some Prison Wine – Apparently, he filled the toilet up with the needed ingredients, he just needs you to do the manual labor and mix it.

The Guard ped, is more prison-related legal tasks like;
Pick up the trash(bottles) – around the rec area, bottles will spawn which you are to interact with and pick up. You can set how many bottles in the config. They spawn randomly in the designated area. You can change the location via the client.lua

Take out the trash – In the yard, their are 4 trash barrels. The guard wants you to collect all the trash out of those and bring it to him so he can get rid of it.
Clean the toilets! – Yep, go and clean some damn toilets. Because this script uses PolyZones, there is an option to show the PolyZone so whoever gets the task CAN find where to go. You can disable this via the config if you want to make it harder for them to complete.

The goal of the tasks is to provide roleplay, but also currency. The prisoner ped by default gives out Cigarettes, which is used as a prison currency. He’ll allow you to trade with him and purchase things via Cigarettes, or you can change it over to money if you so desire via the Config. The guard will give out money, but this also can be changed via the Config.

To prevent your EMS from having to come up and constantly treat beaten up prisoners, there is a doctor ped included in the script as well. He WILL NOT revive people, but will treat their wounds up to their max HP.

To also prevent your prisoners/lifers from starving, you can cook food right inside the prison. This food can be stored via the prison refridgerator in my Jail (But you can put the location literally anywhere), and then have another location (The store/In my case, a tray) in which anyone can come and take out the same food that was just stored.

The script also includes an escape via hacking the front gates and unlocking them. If your door lock script does not allow you to remotely unlock doors, their is an option inside the config.lua which will instead allow your prisoners to teleport to right outside of the prison gates. When hacking, police will be notified and upon completion of the hack it will take approximately 30 seconds to unlock the door, followed by another 30 seconds and another successful hacking to unlock the second. More options are available with the hacking via the config.


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