Poster Placement Job V1
Poster Placement Job V1
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Poster Placement Job V1



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Simple Job –

Go to the nightclub to receive posters, place them around the map, return to get paid.

Included Coordinates –

In the resource there are 65 coordinates by default for the job, but you can always add more.

Optional Difficulty –

Included there are two options for this job. The first is where you can place the posters as you please, without restrictions. With the second option, you are given specific locations to place the posters.

There is also an option that makes it so you cannot place posters in the same locations, even between jobs.


Easy configuration options added for minimum and maximum values such as how many posters you receive and how much money you get paid for each placement.

Unlimited Potential –

If you don’t like the posters included it is easy enough to create your own textures!

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