Police Shields System V1
Police Shields System V1
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Police Shields System V1



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This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server, adding four realistic police shields for use in different situations from firearms to public order. These will ultimately enhance the abilities of your police department/force, allowing them to both create better roleplay but also handle incidents better. The resource is highly configurable, allowing you to change the names of the shields, the position of the shield on the player and the animation the player uses to hold the shield. You can also convert the script into another language simply through the config file. This model includes four custom modelled police shields created by one of our 3D Modellers. These were exclusively created to be sold with this resource.

Usage: /shield [Name] – This allows you to start using a police shield. In chat, the command suggestion will show you the different shield names available. For example, /shield CTSFO. (You can change the names in the config). This will set you in the animation and spawn in the shield. This is the best animation we can find, still allowing you to move and shoot using your right arm. The script works getting in and out of vehicles, meaning you won’t have to pause the roleplay to disable your shield before getting in. You can disable collision meaning that the shields will no longer protect against bullets. To disable your shield, either switch to another shield or type /shield without choosing a shield type. Full Features: Easily use a police shield – Simply running a command will allow you to start using a police shield and you can pick between the four available choices, all for a range of scenarios. Works with vehicles – We’ve seen other shield resources glitch out when the player enters a vehicle. We’ve made sure this shouldn’t happen with our resource. Blocks bullets – Our shields can block bullets as they have collision enabled. You can disable this in the configuration file. Custom Models – Our 3D Modelling team made these exclusively for sale with this resource. Permission Checks – You can easily add permission checks or integrate this into a framework such as vRP or ESX

Police Shields System V1

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