Plate Changer System V2


Plate Changer System V2
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A script that lets you create your own license plate and apply it to any owned vehicle and a random number plate generator for all other vehicles (Fakeplate).


You can change the number plate of any car
Unseen System. The realistic feel of changing the number plate of any owned car/non-owned vehicles
You can’t dupe the number plate
Sync with your trunk and glovebox inventories
UI Based Number plate changer
Random Number plate generator for any vehicles with unique number plate
cool prop based animation while applying normal number plate generator to vehicles


The license plate is a usable item and it should be used on an owned car, [IDEAS: YOU CAN KEEP IT FOR VIP/PRIORITY HOLDERS OR ADD IT TO A SHOP WHICH WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL!]
This license plate should be used while in a car it basically changes the license/ number plate of the car it can be used for some quality RP, or something special for the priority holders, It supports characters and numbers, NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS!
You need to apply it to a player-owned car and the number can’t be in the database already, so if it says you can’t apply the plate that might be the reason why.
The second number plate is used for any other vehicles [owned/non-owned] which basically change the previous number plate to another unique randomly generated number plate.
The second number plate is more or less is fakeplate which basically changes the number plate without altering the original number plate of owned vehicles which is not in the case of the former number plate.

Plate Changer System V2


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