Pizza Job System V2



So, as mentioned above this script is all about making and delivering Pizzas, so what does that entail? * While – Clocked OnDuty, you will receive calls to the Pizza Place (These are the customers wanting their deliveries). * Once – Answering the calls, the customer will request a specific kind of pizza. If you don’t bring it to them, you don’t get paid (Obviously). * When – You know what kind of Pizza the customer wants, walk over to the Oven and begin the cooking process. Choose between the ingredients (Plain Cheese, Pepperonni, Mushrooms & Green Peppers) and then exit out of the NUI (esc, etc) to begin cooking. Change how long it takes via Shared.lua (It’s the Config) * Pizza – Is made, now what? Now, you have 10 Minutes (By default, change via Shared.lua as well) to deliver the pizza to the customer or they will take the pizza, but YOU won’t get paid! So be fast. * Arriving – At the location, use your Alt-Menu to target the door and Knock. Upon doing so, a customer will come out and you’ll hand him the pizza in exchange for the money. Wow. Easy!

Pizza Job System V2
Pizza Job System V2 23.55 12.24

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Pizza Job System V2


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