NoPixel Framework RolePlay V1 [NoPixel Launcher][Updated+][Fix]


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NoPixel Framework RolePlay V1 [NoPixel Launcher][Updated+][Fix]
NoPixel Framework RolePlay V1 [NoPixel Launcher][Updated+][Fix] 238.45 192.59

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Mode : Custom(NoPixel) + Included MeTi AntiCheat

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Scripts : All Custom / Optimized / FM-Scripts / NP-Scripts

Addons: VIP / Optimized / FM-Scripts / NP-Scripts /  Advanced-Maps

High FPS / High Quality Performance / Best Custom Fivem RolePlay Server / Just available in FiveM-Store

NoPixel Framework RolePlay V1

35 reviews for NoPixel Framework RolePlay V1 [NoPixel Launcher][Updated+][Fix]

  1. sam121104 (verified owner)

    Really good server, with good support! thank you!

  2. Berne

    Hello, I wanted to buy the server and I have some questions, for that price that comes from the server? That is, is EVERYTHING that is published in the video coming? Does it come with a database? Is it download the server and put it to work? because if so I am going to buy it, I need to know if it comes with everything, both police cars, skins, maps, database, etc. Thanks a lot.

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, Yes its fully server with sql files and scripts!

  3. pilotnui


  4. ask

    how about locations files?`
    can i easy change language to finnish?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Yes you can change languages 🙂
      Best Regards

  5. Antony

    do i need to have access to .bat files and does it come with a y map and eup

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Yes its fully server with functions
      King Regards

  6. hunt (verified owner)

    Really thanks and good job!
    Nice pack’s

  7. Sam

    Thanks, best server in the world! good job!

  8. Alexander Miller

    Hello i will want to know how many scripts are, because in the video i cannot see.

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, its 350+ scripts, 25 gig files 🙂

  9. MrBunny_Original

    hello i have a question i would like to buy the server towards the end of the month only it says everything is sold out my colleague said it always says it and i can still buy it is that right? and if not, is there a way to get the server anyway?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Yes you can buy also its instantly, you will get automatically after purchase!

  10. Dudds

    Quick question to see if the password to the police MDT is sent to you by someone or is there a file with all login info?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, you can check on logs!, there is logs for logins 🙂

  11. Harribo (verified owner)

    how do i change the language to german?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear customer, on config.cfg

  12. MrBunny_Original

    Very Nice

  13. MrX

    I bought this framework and very great!

  14. Zach

    What is the framework used in this?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Custom and Private FrameWork but you can use ESX scripts!
      King Regards!

  15. Kmurph62 (verified owner)

    Niceeeeee server package for roleplay! thank you so much

  16. Oliver Jones (verified owner)

    Ummm good!

  17. Modestas

    Its very helpful, it has anticheat and many features, good job!

  18. Aaron

    I like this package

  19. JinsolKim

    I’d like to buy this pack.
    I have a few questions, but are all scripts and databases available?
    And can I change the language to Korean?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, yes , all scripts with sql file!
      yes 12 language!

  20. dleeb18

    Everything like package thank you!

  21. Flitz

    Does this server come with everything displayed in the video? Including server sides files, client sided, and sql files? Ive bought scripts before that come with no sql file so I want to make sure this wont be an issue

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Yes, its fully with sql file! regards!

  22. JinsolKim (verified owner)

    I bought this pack now and I want to change it to Korean. I opened the server, but if I use the action command, it comes out as “ㅁㅁ으로”. I want to change my language to Korean, what should I do?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Your Case Is Closed 🙂
      Our Support Help you

  23. MiLkY

    Thanks for your support

  24. madiba357

    Thanks for the yours packages i bought two package from you

  25. jinseolkim (verified owner)

    Thank you for the package

  26. jinseolkim (verified owner)

    Its really nopixel thanks!

  27. luke

    will the server be ready to use after purchase? and does this come with custom cars or can they be added to be sold buy the car dealership? thanks it looks very well made 😀

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, yes its with custom cars + vip dealership and more
      king regards!

  28. illegaljoker

    will this be ready to use after download and does it have custom cars or are they able to be added so that they can be sold by pdm

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, yes automatically you will get files!

  29. xxTCxx

    Will this come with the new pd or not

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Yes dear fully

  30. JinsolKim (verified owner)

    Best a package on world!

  31. JinsolKim (verified owner)

    Thanks for your packages 🙂

  32. Mizok

    Loved this one.

  33. Tyler Barkley (verified owner)

    Very good support, i just helped alot from support!

  34. Tyler

    I am interested in this server. I have zap-hosting. How easy is it to install, setup and configure after purchasing? Is there a README on how to do this as well?

    What departments does it offer for players? LSPD? SASP? Business owners?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hey dear client, yes dear we have free support after purchasing
      Sheriff, Army, Police, FBI, etc

  35. Eugene Ivanov

    hello i was wondering if i could download this and put it on a zap server through txAdmin or if you have to set it up on its own.

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hey dear client, yes you can use on zap servers. (linux and windows)

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