Marketplace System V4
Marketplace System V4 [Shopping][Safe Trading][Standalone]
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Marketplace System V4 [Shopping][Safe Trading][Standalone]


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The player can sell the item for whatever price he wants.
The player can decide whether to sell as anonymous or on his own behalf.
After advertising, you can see your products advertised and remove.
It is now possible to set a fee percentage for selling an item and another for purchasing an item.
Now you can define whether you want to use NPC, and you can define how many coordinates you want.
When a player sells an item, he can receive the value of the item directly from the market.
The script automatically detects the player’s inventory.
You will be able to define which items cannot be sold.
Easy to understand graphical interface.
Webhook admin: it is possible to configure a webhook for logs, in which, when an item is removed or purchased, it is shown on a discord channel where only admins are allowed to view.
This script supports ESX, QBCore and VRP. If you use another framework, we separate a special file to make it easy for you to configure in your framework, this file is called Framework_Standalone.

Marketplace System V4

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10 reviews for Marketplace System V4 [Shopping][Safe Trading][Standalone]

  1. Florine

    Pretty section , thanks

  2. Deana

    You really make it seem so easy

  3. Ricardo

    You made some really good scripts

  4. Mayra

    Fantastic goods from you

  5. Kent

    Good day very nice website!!

  6. Alfonzo

    +rep script

  7. Mellissa

    No encrypt script, thanks

  8. Amado

    Thanks for your sup

  9. Madeline

    fine script i received it instantly

  10. Tara


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