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LibertyV City Mod is a resource for FiveM and GTA V Single Player (SP). It brings Liberty City from GTA IV into GTA V as it comes with custom GTA maps. The FiveM version replaces Los Santos with Liberty City. This is a temporary add-on for the Single Player Version, it will replace Los Santos at a later date. Single Player is currently in heavy development, but we will continue to work on it.

Features of Fivem LibertyV City Mod:

  • (WIP) Single Player Version
  • Gar Gens for spawning vehicles naturally (Fine-tuning in progress)
  • Zones of custom population
  • For a more New York feel, I’ve created custom time periods (Fine-tuning is underway)
  • Enhanced and upscaled textures (Fine-tuning in progress)
    There were no crashes
  • Working traffic lights (Fine-tuning in progress)
  • Subway system with working trains (currently only in FiveM)
  • Proper MLO Interiors (Fine-tuning in progress)
  • Making Navmesh maps for peds/populations to naturally spawn
  • LoDs and SLoDs up to SLoD3 for reflections on water
  • Night time city and skyline lighting with LoDlights and Distant lights

Fivem LibertyV City Mod

9 reviews for Fivem LibertyV City Mod

  1. Dakota Whitaker (verified owner)

    Best!, instantly in one minute

  2. Lavalsa (verified owner)

    Great city for events and etc…

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Great city , thanks so much

  4. PrinceOfTheCity

    Greatest and big city for gta v fivem

  5. max513513

    can scripts be added

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hey dear client, yes of course

  6. FiveMaddik (verified owner)

    Received, Thanks!

  7. Love Goat

    This can work for a public Fivem Server?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      hey dear client, yes of course

  8. Shadow1358 (verified owner)

    Assets are completely

  9. JackHiggs

    Hello, does this include any MLO’s?

    • FiveM Store L.L.C

      Hey dear client, yes ofc.

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