Inventory Hud V15
Inventory Hud V15
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Inventory Hud V15


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Framework :

ESX ■ No QBCore export, nor absurd dependencies, was programmed from scratch for ESX. ■ Includes a special bench made exclusively by me for this package. ■ Money as an object in your inventory, with activated GIVE system. ■ Glovebox and trunks with slots and customizable weight. ■ Exclusive package only for people with good tastes. ■ Contains a fully customized cigarette script, to smoke and open your cigar pack. ■ Includes various resources, such as ‘qb-loadingbar’ the new official Qbus progressbar. ■ Greater fluidity, the LITE inventory with better optimization with the quality that it entails

Inventory Hud V15

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2 reviews for Inventory Hud V15

  1. Heliodoro Martins (verified owner)

    Thanks i use for esx

  2. Amelia

    Hi, is this compatible with ESX V1.4?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hey dear client, yes

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