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ID Card System V2



Features Changeable Layout All The Data On The ID Card Is Changeable(ex. Name, Address, ISS, Expiry, Dob) Contains A Snapshot Of Your Character In Real Time. Standalone/ESX script. Show ID To Nearest Players / Or Specific ID (Can Be Changed In Client-Side), This Works With/Without ESX Pull Data From Database If ESX Is Enabled (Enable In Server-Side) (Requires esx_identity for Firstname, Lastname, Dob, Sex, Height) Disable Specific Values So They Can’t Be Edited. For Example, Disabling The Name/DOB/Sex Edit. Useful With ESX Since It Will Pull The Data From Database. One sync Compatible Usage /showed [target-id / Blank for yourself-nearby players] To Show Someone/Yourself Your ID /viewed To Accept The ID Sent Buy Someone /mindset [key] [value] (Keys: name,dob,address,sex,dl,exp,class,end,hair,eyes,hgt,wgt,iss)

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ID Card System V2
ID Card System V2 18.34 9.17

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ID Card System V2

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  1. Josephine

    itz optimised. ty

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