Garbage Job System V3
Garbage Job System V3
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Garbage Job System V3



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* A Co-Op Job – The Job works by assigning everyone who starts the Job a unique Job ID (If the server detects a duplicate ID, it will change it and assign you a new one). Once you have this ID, sharing it with anyone you want to help with the Job will allow them to join the Job.

— By simply choosing the “Join Shift” option, they can input your Job ID and will be added to it. There is NO Limit to how many people can join a single Job.

* The Pay – The pay is split between however many people are on a Job. If 4 people are on a Job, they will recieve (Payout * Trash Collected) / 4.

— So for a quick example, 15 Trash gives 3000 dollars, Divded by 4 people that would be $750 Each.

* Zone-Based – Each Job is based off of a ZONE. (DELBE, CHIL, WVINE, RICHM, etc..) You can collect ANY TRASH in your Job Zone. It does not have to be where the Blip is.
— You can add as many Zones as their are in GTA and have hundreds of jobs going at the same time.

* Garbage – Can only be collected from a Can/Bin ONE TIME per person. Trying again will not get you anymore trash.

* Finish Whenever you want – You can Cash Out of the Job anytime you want. You do not have to finish all 15 (Or however many you want to set for) Loads.
— Gold Fish catch on fire and you only got three loads? Np. Go drop off your trash and then hope Nemo is still alive and kicking.. or flipping.. whatever fish do when they are on fire. You’ll get Paid for the Three.

* Chance of Items – You can toss in items (Server.lua) that you can receive when completing a Job. By default, I’ve included a “Shop” You can use to trade in a Recycle Voucher (itemname: recvoucher) to trade for different materials, or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ADD TO THE SHOP.

— Simply fill it in in the shared.lua and the script will take care of the rest. You can literally add anything, even Grandma!

* Want to add more Zones? – Easy. Simply uncomment the command inside the script called ZoneName. Go anywhere you want that there are trash cans, type “zonename” and whala. You now have printed in your F8 Console the name of the zone you are in. Simply add it to the Config and enjoy!

Garbage Job System V3

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