Garage Robbery System V1 [Garage Heist]
Garage Robbery System V1 [Garage Heist]
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Garage Robbery System V1 [Garage Heist]



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Features Well-optimized 0.01ms | Idle 0.04ms – 0.20ms | In usage Not ip locked or obfuscated Highly customizable Add more robbable places Add more items Change cooldowns, items needed to robl and durations of everything Edit all blips and markers & much more Uses default GTA V interiors so you don’t have to play with addon ones How does it work? You need to go next to an elevator, and if you have the item needed to hack it, you can press E and start hacking ( you’ll get a random minigame ) If you succeed, you will be teleported inside, where you have 30 seconds to disarm the alarm If you don’t disarm the alarm in time, police will get a notification Inside, you can remove the rims from the car, which will give you the rim item You can also search preconfigured places that give you random items, weapons or money that you can also configure There are also boxes, that need to be lockpicked Currently four different places you can rob

Garage Robbery System V1

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