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Fullscale Clothes Pack V2 [EUP]
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Fullscale Clothes Pack V2 [EUP]



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Fullscale Clothes Pack V2

-Special gang clothes for Ballas-Aztecas-The Families-Vagos-Bloods-Crips-Lost MC.(Hats,masks,pants,hoodie and much more) -Special LSPD-LSMS-SASP and Sheriff clothes. (Tactical Vests,Patrol Vests,Hats,Radio Equipment and more.) 120+ Female hair with diffrent texuteres. 80+ Male hair with diffrent textures. Custom clothes for Weazel News. Custom Ped clothes. Custom tattoos. Custom hats for peds and custom characters. **All eup-stream files included in the pack so you don’t need to use eup-clothe scripts.(+FPS Boost) 5Gb File


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