Fire Supply Line System
Fire Supply Line System
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Fire Supply Line System



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/hose – This is our other resource (HoseLS), allowing you to begin using the hose.

Once you have done /hose, you will not be able to use it unless to have an active supply of water, which can be obtained through:

Limited Supply (By walking up to a fire vehicle (configured in the config), you can get a limited supply of water for 120 seconds (configurable in the config), with the timer only running when water is spraying.
This supply will run out unless a supply line is setup on the vehicle. Once a supply line is setup, a message on your screen will ask you to press Enter to connect to the supply line.
Once you are connected, your supply of water is infinite until you move too far away (distance is configurable) or the supply line is removed.
/supplyline setup – This will setup a supply line on the nearest fire vehicle. The vehicle model must be listed in the config file along with the setup for the supply line. You are able to adjust in the config how the supply line is spawned in, such as behind the vehicle or in front, by adjusting the off set and rotation.

All supply lines are synced, meaning other players can use it and remove a supply line they have not setup (if they have permission, of course). Once you remove the supply line, the players relying on it will switch back to a limited supply of water, such as 120 seconds and they’ll be notified that it has been removed.

The syncing element works on OneSync and Non-OneSync. Supply lines also sync after a player has connected to the server, if the supply line was setup before they joined. This means that a player can begin roleplaying without having to wait for the supply line to be setup again, enhancing realism on scene.

/supplyline remove – This will remove the supplyline on the nearest vehicle. You’ll be notified if no vehicle or supply line is found.

Full Features of Fire Supply Line System:

Supply Line – This is the main element of the resource, allowing you to setup and remove supply lines to fire vehicles. The resource is configurable allowing you to define all fire vehicles, making sure they are only setup on them.
Limited Supply – Your hose will only have a limited supply of water, which you can begin by going near a fire vehicle. Unless you, or someone else sets up a supply line, your supply will quickly run out.
Percentage Left – You can easily see at the bottom of your screen how much water you have left.
Custom Model – This resource includes a high quality, custom model created by Adam Fenton. This will ultimately enhance realism for all people on scene.
Highly Configurable – This resource is highly configurable, allowing you to setup each fire truck model separately. You can adjust all messages and even translate the resource into another language.

Fire Supply Line System

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