ESX RolePlay Server V23


ESX RolePlay Server V23
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-All my Miami MLOs, Clothing Stores, Gun Stores, Banks, Stores, Dealerships, Police stations (3), Bennys, All default Vice City interiors, Hospital, and A LOT MORE!

-All scripts are fully setup and configured for Miami and not LA the scripts included will be listed below

Loaf Housing – All houses setup across the map -Includes Shells
Gang Script and Gang Turfs
GKS Phone UN IP locked
Gun Store, Normal Stores and Clothing stores fully setup
Car Dealership Fully setup with over 120+ Custom cars including animated cars
Repair Stations around the map for cars + Vehicle Damage configured
Police Setup with dispatch menu, police vehicles and everything else setup
5 Drugs setup and spread across the map with interiors fully working with sale points
Ikea for Loaf Housing with a lot of housing interiors to choose from
Garages and Impounds across the map
100K or die style server with simple scripts like every 100K or die
EMS Fully setup with custom Miami EMS vehicles and Hospital pillbox interior
Community Service for admin punishments setup
Bank and store robberies


ESX RolePlay Server V23


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