ESX RolePlay Server V17


ESX RolePlay Server V17
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Video : Click Me 

Mode :  ESX V1 Final

Scripts : All NoPixel Custom Scripts / NoPixel Jobs / Configured With NoPixel RP / Optimized / Private FiveM-Store / Edition Scripts

Vehicles : Premium Cars / Optimized / HD

Maps : NoPixel MLO / Optimized / Private FiveM-Store

High FPS / High Quality Performance / +100 FPS / +128 Slot

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Jewelry Robbery

-You wear a gas mask and enter.
-You can steal Paintings & Diamonds.
Finally, you sell to the point of sale.

Our Home Robbery System

-Lockpick is required
-If you have a police profession, you can enter the same apartment with the thief and arrest the thief.
-The materials inside are sold to illegal wholesalers.

Cocaine System
– Our Cocaine Production system is as attached.
It consists of 2 easy steps. (Production – Packaging)
-You then sell it to the buyer.

Cashier Robbery
-You must have a Termite (thermite) on you in order to do the teller robbery.
-After you find a termite, you come to the cashier entrance and use it and you have started the robbery and the police are notified. ( #pd-notifications )

Market Robbery
– In our system, which includes 2 robberies, we have divided the systems into two: Difficult/Easy.
-It is the small safe that we robbed at the beginning of the video, which we describe as easy.
-What we define as difficult is the robbery we do at the end.

Stash House & Marijuana System
-Stashhouses are systems that can be opened with blips /stblip.
There are 6 flats in each flat.
-You can rent one of these apartments and use the warehouse inside, or you can grow cannabis as in the video.

Our Meth System
-You must have a labcard at the entrance. (You register this from the black market)
-You need “ammonia” and “sacid” items to be able to produce inside. (Black Market)
-Then you perform the transactions in the order in the video.

Mushroom System
You sell the “Mushroom Cake” you get by collecting the mushrooms in and around a certain region and then combining the cake you bought from the market.

ATM Robbery
– You can start robbing any ATM with /atmsoy command.
-At first, progbar welcomes you and at the end of progbar, you continue the robbery with hack simulation.

Taco System
– As you can see in the video (Hand Washing – Meat Cooking – Drinking – Packaging) you get tacos.
-Then you pack it.
-Then you find a customer and deliver it to the customer. (If you deliver with cannabis, you get more profit)

Legal Money Making Options
Pizza Making System
– It consists of 3 steps. (Buying Items – Making Pizza – Selling)

Mining system
-You grind stones from the mine
-You can take the stones you mined to the washing area and get washed stones -You
can get diamond/gold/iron/copper mines by melting the washed stones
-You can sell them to Legal Wholesaler

Making Wine
-You collect
grapes -Then you process

Cleaning System
-Cleaning starts by giving a random location with /tstart.
-You assign random cleaning zones in the given location and start cleaning.
You can end the task with the command -/tbitir

Lumbering System
-When you chop wood, “Wood” comes on you.
-Then you process it and sell the “Sawn Wood”.

Casino System
-Managed by the Business.
-The business may go to loss or profit.
-40% chance.
-Plays artificial intelligence games. (blackjack etc.)

Gallery System
-There are 2 options as Professional & Unprofessional.
-If you prefer professional, players will only be able to take a test drive.

Fishing System
-You can start it with the /fishtut command if you have a fishing rod on you or by using the fishing rod.

Orange Juice Production i
-You collect oranges from the orange tree.
-Then you process it and sell it.

BurgerShot & Making
Burgers – To make burgers, you buy the ingredients and watch the video steps.

Banking System
-The bank system that we completely fixed Dupe. (Under normal conditions, there is a dupe bug when you unplug and spam).
-Iban and transfer system etc. available.
– If you have an invoice, you can pay it from the main menu.

ESX RolePlay Server V17


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