EMS Extra Activities System



EMS Extra Activities – Wtf is that exactly? I’m glad you asked! It’s a script I made for the EMS on my server, for them to do things during the downtime when no one is getting exploded, shot, crashing, or just dying for any other reason. So, what is in the script? Work at the Coroner – Head on down to the Coroners Officer and Start up a Job. He will task you with bringing back a dead body. Awesome! – The Person you bring may has a CHANCE of being an Organ Donor. – IF the person is an Organ Donor, you can choose to take on Step. – Forgo all your morality and choose who will receive the Organ (The others will probably die!) Will it be Little Timmy who got struck by a baseball? Kathleen who is a chain smoker, or maybe Paul who is a Firefighter down on his luck! The chose is yours (You jerk!) Save the Animals! – Oh no! A Whale/Shark/Dolphin washed up on shore, need to help it! – Head on over to the Lifeguard Center and begin a mission via talking to that guy – Once you’ve began, he will give you a Bulldozer in which you will need to push/carry the poor helpless animal back into the ocean (Totally Humane, don’t ask questions). – Once the Animal is in the ocean, it’ll swim away and you’ll get paid for your awesome, humane job! Well done. – Return the Vehicle back to the PED in which you received the Mission from. Ahh! Someone is Drowning – Head on over to the Lifeguard on the southern side of the Beach in order to begin another mission – Save the Drowning Idiot. – Begin by talking to the Lifeguard, he will give you the location of the drowning victim. – You can grab a Jet Ski from him as well if you’re a poor swimmer. – Once you’re at the location, grab the Victim and bring them back to shore. – Oh yeah, a Shark MAY spawn near the victim and try and eat you. Goodluck. (% Chance can be changed in the Config.) – Now that the you’re on Shore, type /dropPed to throw the Victim onto the ground. They deserve it. – Begin CPR by Alt-Menuing the Ped and winning at the minigame (if you lose, they die, and you don’t get paid)

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EMS Extra Activities System
EMS Extra Activities System 18.41 11.04

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EMS Extra Activities System


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