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Drug Business System V2 [Drug System]


Drug Business System V2 [Drug System]
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Drug Business System V2

Features – By purchasing a laboratory, you employ workers and earn passive income. To get this income, you must supply your stocks. If there is no supply, production will stop. – It is coded so that more than one person can buy it. While providing this, routing bucket natives are used. For this reason, take care to enter and exit the laboratory – Easy Config – Fully optimized. It consumes 0.01 ms at idle – When you go to sell stocks, it marks a radius on the map every 20 seconds and informs the police. – You can increase the production speed by upgrading the laboratory. – You can sell the lab at any time.


– Script Routing Bucket native, it allows multiple players to purchase. (Therefore, never use the tp command in the lab if you are testing it!) – If you have purchased the laboratory, you cannot enter the same laboratory with your friend. Because it will throw you on a different routing and you will not be able to communicate with other people. – There is no ip lock or encryption. – No extra ipl script was used. All upgrades are made with their own ipl codes. Therefore, if you have an ipl file that affects these regions, I recommend that you remove it.


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