Deathmatch & Gungame Server V1 [PvP Server]


Deathmatch & Gungame Server V1 [PvP Server]
Deathmatch & Gungame Server V1 [PvP Server] $313.47 $246.30

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What’s in the package:

  • Deathmatch game mode.
  • Gungame game mode.
  • M60 Mayhem game mode.
  • Only Pistol, Only Rifle, Only SMG, Only AP Pistol, Only Knife game modes.
  • Duel (1VS1) system.
  • Deathmatch car menu.
  • Special cars, peds for donators.
  • KD, PTS, Rank systems.
  • An outstanding killfeed.
  • Top 5 Menu.
  • Full fix character creation menu.
  • Ability to use Medkit, Kevlar, Joint with 1, 2, 3 keys.
  • Effect Menu (Animations & Walk Styles)
  • Logged PM system.
  • Optional hitsound.
  • Report menu.
  • The crosshair menu where you can customize the crosshair as you wish.
  • Special weapon models (Optional)
  • Special damages (Optional)
  • Pretty optimized scripts all of them optimized resmon value is 0.70-0.80ms
    – NoPixel 3.0 EUP included For PvP Better 🙂

Deathmatch & Gungame Server V1 [PvP Server]


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