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Car Thief System V1 [PRO]
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Car Thief System V1 [PRO]



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Car Thief System V1


• Steal cars for an NPC and receive cash rewards.

• Fully functional with OneSync & synced between all players.

• Language is fully done via the language file.

• Rewards are based on vehicle health.

• A box showing vehicle health during a job.

• Add more delivery locations.

• Script is fully config based (75+ options).

• Customize each job with amount of goons etc.

• Set weapon, animation, ped-type, armor, accuracy etc. for each goon.

• Set individual reward prices for each car.

• If car is deleted, then job cancels (ex if police impound).

• If player runs too far away from vehicle, jobs cancels.

• Add cars to each risk grade.

• Add more job/mission locations.

• Set car alarm time / lockpicking time.

• Enable/disable vehicle alarm upon lockpicking.

• Enable/disable headshot kills on NPC’s.

• Enable/disable dirty cash as payment/fees

• Enable/disable individual player cooldown.

• Enable/disable phone notification in jobs (works with gcphone, probably other phones as well).

• Enable/disable integrated police alerts (u can use your own as well).


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