BlackMarket System V2
BlackMarket System V2
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BlackMarket System V2


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Shops are set-up to buy items from players a low price and sell for a higher price

Any item can be configured into any shop

You can set limits on how many of X item it can stock. Stock is completely player-driven

Any stock is saved to the database and is persistent

Items and weapons can be configured

Buy and Sell prices can be configured

Add as many locations as you want

Blips can be configured for any shop (in case you want a hidden shop)

Item/Weapon dupe safe and button spam safe

BlackMarket System V2

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FiveM Store: The #1 FiveM Mod Shop | FiveM Shop
FiveM Store: The #1 FiveM Mod Shop | FiveM Shop
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7 reviews for BlackMarket System V2


    Instantly nice

  2. Andrew Pate


  3. Martina Painter

    Really great!

  4. Glen Sturm

    Looks great!

  5. Miles Murph

    Nice script for mafia’s thanks

  6. Debbie True


    i bought some scripts from your website, all of them is works fine same video

    Thanks, Debbie True

  7. Manuel Ertel

    Thanks recommended

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