Automatic Invite System V1 [Standalone]


Automatic Invite System V1 [Standalone]
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Automatic Invite System V1

This resource adds invite system to your server. Now, every new player should have a unique invite code from someone who is already playing on server and has available invite codes.

When player will try to connect to server for the first time, he will be kindly asked for entering invite code. After submiting propper invite code, player will be able normaly connect to server and share invite codes with his friends.

Key features:

Replace whitelist system by completely new approach; Every new player receives 3 invite codes; New players will have a command /invites which displays in chat the list of their unused invite codes; Player can fast-copy invite code to clipboard and then share it with his friends by Ctrl + V;

Admins have possibility to check in database by which invite code was invited player and track by whom player was invited; Source code is not encrypted and available for your editions; Unlimited access to github repository for getting future updates of the product;

Added possiblity to make invite codes optional Added invite code expiration time Number of available player invites display on discord and join button Discord logs by request from Added timestamps for discord logs; Improved general look and readability of discord logs;


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