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Airsoft System [Gungame System][PvP System][Purge]


Airsoft System [Gungame System][PvP System][Purge]
Airsoft System [Gungame System][PvP System][Purge] $20.00 $15.00

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Play a shooter minigame with your friends or random players for fun or maybe to earn some money. You will be able to create your custom lobby or feel free to join to an existing lobby. Creating or joining to a lobby will cost you a creating/joining fee and the end of the match the winner will take all the money deposited to the lobby. The lobby owner can set the lobby name, joining fee, game time, map and can set the lobby to private with a password. There are three default maps, but the server owner can easily create different maps through the config file. After a lobby reached the minimum amount of players, the match can begin! After the match started everyone who joined to the lobby will be teleported to the selected map zone, and after all players loaded the shooting begins! If you play for the fun that is good, just enjoy the game mode, but if you play for the prize then get the most kills to get it, because there is only one winner who takes it all! The match running in a different virtual world so rampage all you want because the outside world won’t notice anything. Features Detailed config file (refresh times, cooldowns, respawn time, spawn protection, map creation (own props, zone settings, weapons, spawnpoints etc..), language). Lobby system, all players can join to a lobby or create their own. Different maps with zones, the players can’t leave the zones. Optimized resource, 0.02ms outside of a match and 0.04 while in a match. Virtual world usage, so different lobby players won’t see each other on the same map. UI written in Vue.js and mostly responsive (tested resolutions: 1024×768, 1600×900, 1920×1080, 3840×2160) Map loading for every player, if a player can’t load a map before the adjusted time, then the match won’t start. Inventory saved before the match for each player and after the match ends or at player disconnect the system will restore the inventory (items, weapons, cash) no ip lock and no obfuscated

Airsoft System


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